Saturday, January 21, 2012

One on One

She floats into the room. A little limp but her movement is graceful. It’s cold outside but the warmth of the room embraces her. She reciprocates the embrace and unbuttons her jacket. Her face is unsmiling. It seems like she’s been crying. I watch from my corner in the room. I bear no aid to this vision. There’s music coming from the ground. Its vibrations move through my body but I cannot move. She doesn’t see me and I hope to keep it this way. She moves. Not her, her legs. It starts as a little tap and now i can see her sway. The movement is almost non-existent, I’m tempted to lean forward. To see her better. I want to smell her. Connect to her.
She swirls. My breath catches for a moment. The noise screams in my head. Surely i have given myself up. I am wrong. She continues to dance. Awkward motion looks so beautiful. Perfection in her flaws. Wrong but right. She moves. She moves. My head yearns for more. My heart yearns for more. I seek a link. I’ve been hidden in this corner for so long I fear my legs have forgotten. I inch back into the dark. Watching her is all I can have. My head has won a battle. My heart prepares for another fight.

She leaves the floor. Bad take-off. She crashes down with a thud and my heart aches. Will she crawl into a corner like me. I pray she crawls into mine. I seek connection. She pushes off the floor again. Harder. I see pleasure in her pain. Love in her hard work. Another thud. I can’t bear to look. I want to call out to her. Tell her to stop and crawl into the darkness. She pushes again. harder, harder. She’s off the floor. Flying, soaring. The beauty swallows me whole. I’m drawn but I fight. I have nothing in common with this creature.

I have given up. One last glance at the creature and I am entranced. I cannot look away. She flies lower. She sees me. I see the smile build up on her face. On my face. I fly even lower and reach to pull me out of the darkness.

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