Saturday, January 21, 2012

One on One

She floats into the room. A little limp but her movement is graceful. It’s cold outside but the warmth of the room embraces her. She reciprocates the embrace and unbuttons her jacket. Her face is unsmiling. It seems like she’s been crying. I watch from my corner in the room. I bear no aid to this vision. There’s music coming from the ground. Its vibrations move through my body but I cannot move. She doesn’t see me and I hope to keep it this way. She moves. Not her, her legs. It starts as a little tap and now i can see her sway. The movement is almost non-existent, I’m tempted to lean forward. To see her better. I want to smell her. Connect to her.
She swirls. My breath catches for a moment. The noise screams in my head. Surely i have given myself up. I am wrong. She continues to dance. Awkward motion looks so beautiful. Perfection in her flaws. Wrong but right. She moves. She moves. My head yearns for more. My heart yearns for more. I seek a link. I’ve been hidden in this corner for so long I fear my legs have forgotten. I inch back into the dark. Watching her is all I can have. My head has won a battle. My heart prepares for another fight.

She leaves the floor. Bad take-off. She crashes down with a thud and my heart aches. Will she crawl into a corner like me. I pray she crawls into mine. I seek connection. She pushes off the floor again. Harder. I see pleasure in her pain. Love in her hard work. Another thud. I can’t bear to look. I want to call out to her. Tell her to stop and crawl into the darkness. She pushes again. harder, harder. She’s off the floor. Flying, soaring. The beauty swallows me whole. I’m drawn but I fight. I have nothing in common with this creature.

I have given up. One last glance at the creature and I am entranced. I cannot look away. She flies lower. She sees me. I see the smile build up on her face. On my face. I fly even lower and reach to pull me out of the darkness.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Irritated Damsel

 Two years ago i wrote a post about my encounter with a cab driver who did not know how to handle his car. However, there was nothing i could do because it was his car, he had a say in how it was handled.

Last week, one of my radiator fans decided to go on strike while i was on my way home. This would have been all dandy because my office is a 15 minute drive from my house. However, that particular day, every Tom, Dick and Harry was on the road. Result? Traffic Jam of the century. I ended up spending 2 hours on the road.
The temperature measure on my dashboard was blinking red. Honestly, a part of me thought my car would explode stuck between a beetle and a golf. A beetle…I would have preferred a Porsche and a Lamborghini, i would have died happy.
I had to battle my way out and unto an empty street. All i had to do was wait for the radiator to cool down, put some water in and drive home. Simple right? Wrong.
After i opened my bonnet, I waited under a tree. Four cars stopped to ask if i needed help, i told them i had it under control. Out of nowhere, this man appeared. “Oh, i see you have some problem, let me help”
“No thank you sir, i have it under control” i replied
“No! i insist, let me help you” he cut me short
I told him i was waiting for the radiator to cool down so i could pour water. I hoped this would let him know he wasn’t needed. I was wrong. He went on to tell me i did not know what i was doing. Said all i had to do was fix the fan. He then proceeded to fiddle around my engine. All i could think of was that this weirdo was going to spoil my engine and then kill me. I looked around for help but there was no one in sight. I begged him to leave my car and three times he hushed me.
When i felt the car was cool enough, i tried to pour water in the radiator but he promptly seized the bottle and proceeded to open the part that held the hydrolic fluid.

I screamed and seized my bottle, poured it into the correct place and closed my bonnet. “You are spoiling your car” he complained as i was pouring the water. I ignored him, got in my car and drove off. I attract the weirdest people.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Due to complaints of difficulty to read and update my blog from my mobile phone, i have decided to move. The new address is

So, if you enjoyed me, please, check out the new place. :D

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Afraid of the dark

It was 2am and the house was quiet. Ironically, the wind outside my window fought to come in. The whistling sound it made seeped through and engulfed me where i lay on my bed. I was too old to be scared of the dark but too young to be unafraid. The power was out again. My room was getting hotter by the second. Opening my window would bring the Sahara dessert floating into my room. My only option was to go downstairs and turn on the generator. 

I contemplated braving the heat and falling asleep. Discomfort wouldn't let me. As thoughts of walking through the darkness swept through my head, my door crashed open. Silent screams are the loudest. Logic said there was an open window in the house. My eyes disagreed. I had seen the shadow run across the hallway.  "Nonso, you're too old for this" i told myself repeatedly. I got up and walked slowly towards my room door, there was a crash.

The door had shut with as much force as it had opened. I jumped back. Living alone had enabled me learn every noise familiar with my house. Tonight, i heard none of those noises. My neighbor's floodlight cast light on my bed. The rest of my room was dark. The rechargeable lamp was downstairs, my phone battery had died an hour ago. i had to feel my way to my room door. I finally felt it and flinched as i grabbed the cold metal handle. I opened the door and walked into the hallway. 

I had barely taken two steps when i heard something fall at the end of the hallway. That was the direction of the stairs. It sounded heavy. I took a reflex step back towards my room. That was my safe point. Everything beyond my doorway seemed unknown. I did the sign of the cross and walked forward. The closer i got to the  stairs, the faster my heart beat. At this rate i would surely die from a heart attack before i reached the stairs. 

I felt my way in the dark like a blind man and finally felt the stair railing. I wrapped both palms around it and i had already taken my first step down before i screamed...

The Zodiac side of things

I was born a Virgo. To most people, this is just a Sign for people born between August 23rd and September 22nd. To me, this is my character. I can watch a person, how they interact with other people, listen to what they say and come up with their Zodiac sign. Its really easy actually. Each Zodiac has certain characteristics peculiar to them. Whenever i come in contact with someone, i can learn to handle them better based on their Zodiac.

Virgos are fussy. We are the ones adjusting the masterpiece even after its put on display. Criticism is our way of correcting the faults in the world. Give a Virgo perfection and they will find a flaw. To outsiders, this is irritating. To us, everything can be better. Obsessive Compulsive behavior. Shrewd Virgo is always worrying about everything. Spontaneity is our kryptonite.  We love to plan ahead...every single detail. However, a Virgo is very reliable. They may hate handling leadership positions because as a subordinate,  they work amazingly well. Imagine having a Virgo as a secretary. Incredible. Wit and Sarcasm are free services we offer.

Two signs that seem to fit perfectly with us are Capricorn and Taurus.

You want to have us in the palm of your hands?
1) Leave everything neat and tidy
2) Throw us practical problems and we'll solve them like a calculator
3) Avoid emotional problems. You will get no remorse here but only a practical solution.
4) We may be very negative but please don't bring your negativity around us.
5) Be in not command in control.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thoughts of you

Its 6am and I can't sleep. I can hear raindrops just outside my bedroom window. Slow but determined. If i did want to go back to sleep, i could count them instead of sheep. Everywhere else is quiet. Except for the occasional passing car. Its times like this i can actually say there is nothing on my mind. So i lay back and let my mind drift to the past. The past always holds hidden treasures. The past also holds hidden pain.
When i think of you, my heart aches.
It aches from memories and pain
a little thought is all it takes
and i can feel all my strength drain

The ache begins as a little tingle
an indication of sorrow to come
and i know these memories will linger
even after all the tears have gone

I wouldn't take anything back
the pain has helped me grow
but late at night, in the dark
when i have those thoughts of you,
my heart aches from memories and pain.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Counting sheep

Sleep is not overrated. You can never have enough sleep. You appreciate this even more when insomnia strikes. Lately, sleep and i have been fighting alot. He doesn't love me anymore.  Laying in the dark, listening to the silence. It can make a person go insane. I count sheep but they too are asleep and refuse to jump over fences. When i do sleep, its for minutes and i have the most vivid dreams. Sometimes they scare me so much that when i wake up, i'm too scared to go back to sleep. 
I dreamed I was crossing a rope bridge
like the one in camp.
Underneath this rickety structure
was a wide swamp.
It didn't just stretch in length
I knew it was deep too
For when I bent
I cudnt see the bottom of the pool

I walked calmly to the end
 but there was a step missing.
In trying so hard not to bend
I sent the ropes a'twisting.
I held on tight
trying not to let go.
No one saw my plight
now I was tied like a bow.

Round and round in the air
After a while I had no care
But just as I let go of the rope
From this horrible dream I awoke